GADS Maskinstation in Denmark is the first customer for the largest and most powerful Trac ever from Dutch firm Vredo. Claimed as the world’s largest and most powerful self-propelled slurry machine, the Stage IV Deutz 16-litre V8 in the VT7028-3 peaks at 687hp at a low-revving 1800rpm. Coming in at an overall width of 3m on all tyre options – 900/60R42, 1050/50R32 and 1250/50R32 – the Danish customer opted for the latter, which offers the possibility to reduce pressures to 1.2 bar. Steering possibilities include all-wheel-steer and crab steering to both left and right. The Danish machine is also equipped with a specially-developed arm to load from open slurry lagoons, and the firm says the 12,000lit/min capacity pump can fill the 32m³ (21m³ also available) tank in just 2.25 minutes. Fitted with Vredo’s newly-developed VVT700 (CVT) transmission (40 and 50km/hr options), the VT7028 is available as a two and three-axle multifunctional machine with a load capacity at the front, back and on the chassis behind the cab. Typical examples include adding a trailer body to carry a wide range of materials including sugar-beet, potatoes and cereals, and the optional front mounted linkage allows the vehicle to be used as a silage clamp dozer and compacter. Vredo launched the VT7028 at last summer’s Dutch ATH farm machinery show to replace the previous 550hp 5518-3. The company says the extra power will come in handy with contractors working on hilly land. Prices start from around €600,000.