Bavarian sugar beet specialist ROPA is preparing to launch what is believed to be the world’s most powerful self-propelled sugar beet harvester. Peaking at a whopping 768hp (over 140hp more powerful than the 626hp Mercedes Benz engine in the Tiger 5), the 6cyl 16.12lit Volvo block in the new Tiger 6 is exempt from engine emission regulations. This means it does not require AdBlue, SCR catalytic converter and exhaust gas recirculation. ROPA says the extra grunt results in higher outputs, particularly when lifting uphill, and combined with a more powerful bunker-emptying mechanism provides faster trailer loading on the move. Due to hit the market sometime in 2017, the Tiger 6, which will also be offered with a ‘smaller’ 700hp and Stage IV SCR version of the Volvo engine, will be available with various lifting units and row widths.