XL version of Evers slurry injector

The Dutch manufacturer has added two XL models to the top end of its Toric slurry disc injector line up. Available in working widths of 9.0m (mounted) and 12.0m (trailed), the two rows of discs cultivate stubbles and incorporate crop residues at speed.

by Steven Vale

25 Jul 2022

Suitable for a wide range of soils, the XL version has smaller 41.5cm discs (72 on the 9.0m model and 96 on the 12.0m unit) with finer serrations than the standard Toric version. Evers Agro says that this provides shallow cultivation to depths of 10cm, and the narrower disc spacing (25cm instead of 28cm) results in an intensive treatment of the soil.

Slurry injected behind the leading discs is incorporated by the second row of discs. Individual rubber suspension ensures that each one follows ground contours.

The 9.0m XL72-900 has 36 slurry outlets and weighs around 5.3t. The 12.0m XL96-1200, which comprises five folding sections, has 48 outlets and tips the scales at 10.8t (includes transport wheels).

Depth is controlled via the front support wheels and 62cm diameter rear roller, and the hydraulically suspended transport wheels assist when turning on headlands.

Both machines fold to a transport width of just below 3.0m. The Toric XL is currently available direct from the Dutch manufacturer in the UK.