It is still three months away but farm machinery manufacturers are already starting to release details of some of the machines they will bring to Agritechnica, in November. Take Siloking, for example, which will show the latest version of its flagship self-propelled mixer wagon.

Completing the SelfLine 4.0 range, as the model number suggests the 1000+ is aimed at farms with 1,000+ cows, many of which feed 100 tonnes and more per day 365 days a year. Available with 29m³ (2935 model) or 32m³ (3225 model) capacity tubs, major updates to the air suspended triple-axle and triple auger machines are engine emission driven, power now coming from a 7.7-litre 6cyl 286hp Volvo block. The German manufacturer has also taken the opportunity to change a few other details. Maintenance service intervals have been extended to 1,000 operating hours, and the multifunctional armrest allows several hydraulic functions to be activated automatically.

With a maximum speed of 40km/hr, the manufacturer says the use of triple axles reduces the load on the chassis while active steering of the front and rear axles keeps the turning radius to 8.1m. The milling head reaches the top of a 5.5m high clamp, and tub contents can be emptied in 90 seconds.