The 220hp LF2204 parked on YTO’s Agritechnica stand is currently the Chinese tractor makers most powerful model. However, senior management also spoke of plans for even more grunt, including the 400hp LW4004. Previewed as a prototype at the Chinese CIAME 2016 farm machinery show, the new YTO flagship, which we believe is Perkins powered, is expected to go into production shortly.

When it does then the powershift, which we believe is sourced from Italy, will not be the only transmission offering because the Chinese tractor maker has developed a CVT for 200-400hp tractors. At this stage, we are unable to confirm whether the new box is outsourced, made at a YTO factory in China, or developed at the former McCormick transmission facility at Saint-Dizier in France, which YTO acquired from the Argo Group in 2011.

We are still waiting for some pictures of the 400hp CVT tractor. In the meantime, here’s an image from a YTO brochure we picked up at Agritechnica.