UK users of the Irish designed and built Grass Tech Grazer have been able to substantially reduce their three main costs – contractors, concentrates and fertiliser. According to the zero grazer’s maker, Grass Technology Ltd, production costs can be reduced by as much as 5p/litre, sometimes more. This saving come mainly as a result of feeding fresh high-quality grass from the spring through to the autumn in place of silage, and the company claims milk yields of 20 litres are easily possible. By achieving a higher milk yield over maintenance, concentrate usage is reduced, and by not needing to produce so much silage, contractor costs are also lower. In many instances first cut silage is sufficient to see the herd through the winter, reckons Grass Technology. The manufacturer says a further benefit that users have found is that zero grazing enables a grassland utilisation of around 95%, compared to nearer 60% with a conventional grazing system due to poaching and selective grazing. Through greater utilisation of grassland, this makes better use of fertiliser, releases land for other crops or allows herd numbers to be increased. Available in four model sizes, ranging from the smallest GT80 to the tri-axle GT160, a rear mounted cross-conveyor option allows all models to be easily adaptable to differing feeding systems, and the Wetland kit option on the mid-range Grazer GT120 allows the axles to be off-set to spread the weight over a greater surface area. Designed to be a simple but robust machine that does not require a high powered tractor; even the largest GT160 model only requires 120hp and the smallest GT80 just 75hp.