Zetor releases 2022 calendars

It will soon be time to start thinking about a new calendar to hang up in the office or workshop. Fans keen to get their hands on the latest versions from the Czech tractor maker will not be disappointed.

by Steven Vale

24 Nov 2021

Zetor has published some pretty cool calendars since the launch of the first product and limited edition versions in 2009. Starting with the 2022 limited edition calendar, the company has stuck to the tried and trusted format of four pictures to represent the four seasons. The first is for January, February and March, the second for April, May and June, and so on.

Czech model Nikol Pfeiferová features in the four artistically taken images of a Proxima CL100, Major CL80, Forterra HSX140 and Crystal HD170. Measuring 750mm x 500mm the limited edition calendar costs €17.60.

Filled with tractors from the current portfolio, the 2022 product calendar contains a separate page and picture for each month of different Zetor tractors (includes Crystal, Forterra, Major and Proxima) and their owners.

This calendar comes with a separate 28-page full-colour brochure. The first two pages detail some basic information on Zetor supported with six assembly line pictures. This is followed by a two-page spread for each of the dozen farmers featured in the product calendar, supported with more pictures and Czech/English text.

Eight of the featured Zetor tractor owners live in the Czech Republic. The other four are from Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia. This calendar measures 500mm x 350mm and costs €7.80.

British and Irish customers can order the calendars through their dealer. Alternatively, they are also available in the E-shop:

 Zetor Calendar 2022 - Limited edition | ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

Zetor Calendar 2022 - Product edition | ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.