The fifth anniversary edition of Zetor’s tractor show made 69 stops and was attended by over 15,000 visitors. Started in April last year, the first stop was Ireland after which the show travelled through 12 other European countries, stopping for the first time in Switzerland and Norway. By the time it finished eight months later, the company’s promo truck and fun van travelled a total of 25,699km. The popular event allows customers and fans to become better acquainted with new products and to give them an opportunity to drive them in the field. Visitors were able to see the Crystal, the most powerful six-cylinder tractor in Zetor’s current portfolio. Major and Proxima models were also in the show, and the Forterra HD was introduced to the audience. Part of the event included an accompanying programme dedicated to the history of the brand, and the classic Zetor 25 accompanied the latest models in the show. Visitors also had an opportunity to participate in a competition. Irish farmer Pat Carroll won the main prize after guessing how many kilometres the promo truck would travel during the course of the event. Pat’s estimate of 25,500 kilometres was closest to the actual total kilometres travelled, and won him a trip to the Czech Republic to visit the Zetor factory. Zetor’s first tractor show was straged in 2011 to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the brand. Five shows later, it has visited 20 European countries, stopped at 312 locations, and has been attended by more than 51,000 people. This year’s edition of the popular road show, which kicks off in the Czech Republic in May, will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Zetor brand.