Dengler Pasture Angel grass rejuvenator: One-pass grass

Badly poached grassland can pose a problem if there is not enough slack in the calendar for a belt and braces plough and sow operation, while several passes with a grass harrow may not give the desired result, either. This is where a machine such as the Pasture Angel, from German firm Dengler, comes in

by topliner

14 Jan 2020

The levelling of poached ground and sprinkling of fresh grass seed is all in a day’s work for the Pasture Angel, which works the surface intensively with a pair of pto-powered contra-rotating rotors. This is the brainchild of East German based, Martin Dengler, who refers to the machine as a mulch scarifier and has been refining the design over the past four years. Capable of handling up to 130hp, power flows through cam clutch-protected Walterscheid wide-angle drive shafts to a duo of wideangle gearboxes. Drive is then transmitted via six belts for each rotor down the left side of the machine. This configuration results in a 2.70m working width, while the machine measures 3.00m overall.