Claas Scorpion 6030 to 7055 telehandlers (2013-2018): Not all Scorpions bite

Available in the UK and Ireland from early 2006, the first generation of Kramer-built Claas Scorpion telehandlers garnered a decent reputation in the handler sector. Benefiting from a degree of evolution, these original models were subsequently superseded by a new and revised range in 2014 that built on the foundation of their forebears. Now that these second generation models are starting to trickle into the pre-owned market, we look at potential used finds and how much you can expect to pay

6 Apr 2020

The second generation of Scorpion telehandlers we look at here came on stream in early 2014, sharing the same name but differing in several ways to their predecessors. With this in mind, it is worth taking a backward step and considering the original models (see profi used machinery 03/11).