Manitou MLT 627 and MLT 629 telehandlers: Pain in the rear or a great used buy?

Back in 1999, Manitou replaced its rear-engine MLT 628 with the then all-new, side-engine MLT 629. However, the newcomer’s larger dimensions didn't suit everyone, so many opted for the more compact rear-engine MLT 526, which in 2003 was replaced with the higher capacity MLT 627. Sharing the rearengine layout, the MLT 627 proved a strong seller until it was replaced by the essentially similar Stage IIIB MLT 629 in 2014. These rear-engine models are now highly sought after on the pre-owned market

6 Apr 2020

It's a funny old world. When Manitou introduced its side-engine MLTs to replace the rear-engine MLT 628 in 1999, it looked as if the ‘motor in the tail’ design would be reserved for machines outside the mainstream telehandler sector. As it turns out, the launch of the rear-engine MLT 627 to replace the MLT 526 in 2003 proved otherwise. For many livestock users, a rear-engine MLT 627 or MLT 629 remains the design of choice for tight yard work.