NC Engineering FC225S

Pivot-steer telehandler buyers haven't been blessed with multiple choices since the demise of Matbro more than a decade ago, so the emergence of another option will be warmly greeted by the pivot configuration's many devotees. All aboard the NC FH225S

by Andrew Faulkner

23 Sep 2020

Could this be you? Owned a Matbro TR200 or slightly bigger TR250 pivot-steer back in the previous century and, when it came to replacement time, weren't impressed by the obvious JCB and Manitou alternatives because of their physical dimensions, relative sophistication and/or price. As a result you ended up back in a tractor and loader . . . but you're still not entirely satisfied, maybe because the tractor isn't as manoeuvrable around the yard, or the loader’s twin arms simply aren't man enough to withstand the sort of abuse that'll be soaked up by a chunky single handler boom.