Practical test: Accord Optima HD e-drive precision drill Accord developed its trailed Optima HD configuration to enable farmers/contractors to pull a seed/fertiliser precision drill with a 100hp tractor. Here we test a 6m eight-row unit.

While the trailed precision seeder has become a rare bird in Europe, the Americans like such tackle for the wide working width it provides. Meanwhile the mounted drill has grown bigger on this side of the Atlantic, with eight-row capability and generously-sized hoppers. But even before adding seed and fertiliser, these mounted monsters can weigh over 2,500kg; as a result they call for a 150hp tractor to lift them.

Since Accord developed the trailed Optima HD, a policy change in the Kverneland group has seen it rebranded. So the drill is now a Kverneland Accord Optima HD; but irrespective of weight gain from the
new name, we tried it with a 95hp tractor. This small workhorse turned out to be fine in flat going but, if you’re farming hillier land, 120hp will be better.

Details have changed since first we looked at an Optima HD. The drawbar-mounted stand has been beefed up and moved rearwards, removing the risk of it tangling with the tractor’s back wheels. And the drawbar itself has a selection of holes, allowing for adjustment to suit the tractor hitch height.

Six clearly marked hydraulic hoses need to be coupled to supply the bout markers, a fertiliser auger (option) and the hydraulic fan drive. Then come three cables for the lights, power supply and the monitor. That’s nine items, all of which are routed tidily up the drawbar to store in a rack. Detail machine improvements here would be the addition of a support ring to bridge the implement-tractor gap, plus flow/return markings on the hoses.

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