The AgJunction auto-steering kit has finally come to market and it takes a huge cost out of upgrading older tractors, to finally give them modern-day accuracy and convenience, on a budget. The only downside is you need to fit it yourself. So just how easy is it to install, calibrate and use, AgJunction’s Wheelman kit?

For years, upgrading older tractors to give them auto-steer capability has come with an eye-watering price tag. But Canadian firm AgJunction has developed a self-install kit called the Wheelman, that farmers can fit themselves to tractors that are not auto-steer ready.

Kits can be purchased directly through AgJunction’s online shop, HandsFreeFarm. com, removing a dealer from the process. The website provides access to online support, plus installation and tutorial videos, and enables tractor compatibility checks too, to ensure the kit you buy will fit your tractor.

How much?
The cost of a complete kit starts at USD$3,999. Ok, so there’s likely to be some import duty and freight costs to factor-in for UK buyers, though the firm says the kit can be installed and calibrated on-farm, in just a few hours. The Wheelman auto-steer kit is available in two versions – Pro and Flex. The Pro version is based on a motorised steering wheel that fits in place of the tractor’s original steering wheel. The Flex model uses the tractor’s existing steering wheel but with gear collars and a motor-drive to achieve the turning motion. This also offers portability between tractors that have also been fitted with a Flex kit adapter.

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