We used the AmaTron 4 terminal when we tested Amazone’s UX4201 Super trailed sprayer in the June issue of profi. Introduced in May 2018, the ISObus-compatible unit with tablet-like swiping capabilities was presented at Agritechnica along with a raft of new features and a software update

New features include automatic, GPSbased field detection, creating job reports in PDF format, help windows and multi-layer application maps for variable-rate spraying of various products. Also the GPS-Track feature was improved so operators can now nudge waylines that have shifted due to GPS drift by pressing a single button  just as they could on the AmaTron 3. The latter wasn’t possible on the early AmaTron 4 we operated in the UX 4201 Super.

The new terminal not only operates ISObuscompatible machines, but it also offers a number of Amazone-specific applications: GPSTrack (£1,015), ‘GPS-Switch basic’ section control (£1,015) and ‘GPS-Switch Pro’ (£750), ‘GPS-Maps and Doc’ field and geo-referenced documentation software is free while automatic ‘AmaCam’ reverse-drive system (£225). The unit itself costs £2,280 and comes with all of these software packages, including the fee-based ones, installed and ready to be fully unlocked. To whet your appetite, there is a window of 50 hours (AmaCam for only 10 hours) to test all of the features for free.

Once the terminal is switched on, you select an application from the app carousel on the main screen — a familiar feature on Android and Apple devices. Our testers were full of praise for this intuitive user interface. At the bottom of the screen you can swipe and open a MiniView, which shows all of the major machine data. If the machine is

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