While there is lots of talk of low-disturbance drilling, the long-serving power harrow drill is still the tool of choice for getting many arable crops in the ground. Focus for our practical test is the Amazon KG harrow and Centaya pneumatic drill combo, which impressed with its precise performance

The majority of power harrow drill combinations sold in the UK and Ireland will depend on a pneumatic sower such as the featured Centaya. Much more has changed than just the plastic hopper over the AD-P Super drill it has replaced, as we found out in last year’s driving impression. We tested the newcomer last autumn to see what difference those changes make to drill performance and operation.

Under the test Centaya was the well proven KG3001 Special power harrow. However, our main focus for this practical test is the drill, so here’s a quick round-up from our test time with the harrow:

● Straightforward attachment to the threepoint linkage, with the lift arm up/down movement taking care of contouring

● The gear changing gearbox handles all three pto speeds

● Overall set-up concept is well thought out

● On the whole the KG delivers good quality tilling and levelling

● Bout markers (£2,005 option) have large discs and depth limiters that work well.

The impact protection and the hydraulic fittings could be better and is something Amazone is addressing ● The 600mm (outside diameter) wedge ring packer (an £860 option over the 600mm toothed packer) rolls with little resistance, consolidates the row properly and absorbs plenty of weight. Back to the Centaya. Our machine’s plastic moulded 1,600-litre hopper was big enough to hold 1,000kg of barley and wheat from big bags. If you want more volume, then there is the option of a 2,000-litre version for a £1,195 premium; you just need to check that your tractor’s lift capacity and rear axle load rating can keep up. Our well kitted out combination tipped the scales at 3.4t when clean and completely empty, but it rose to 4.5t with a full hopper and caked in soil.

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