Recently revised, the Amazone Cirrus seeder range sports (amongst other things) new, apparently easy-pulling Matrix soil consolidation tyres. Here we see how they, plus the various other updates, fare in the field

The Cirrus 3003 Compact represents one quarter of Amazone’s 03 range of smaller trailed air drills. Its big brother — the 6003-2 — is a folding 6.0m unit, from which you might accurately predict that the 3003 covers 3.0m in each pass. If you prefer something in between the two, there are 3.5m and 4.0m siblings. Cultivation, consolidation, drill and press in a single pass are offered by the 3003 Compact, along with a big 3,000-litre hopper and working speeds up to 20km/hr.

The Cirrus story kicks off with attachment to the tractor. Cat III couplers are standard with Cat IV and II alternatives also on offer. Hydraulic lines are helpfully colour-coded and their jobs explained by a decal; other connections deal with the brakes, the LED work lights, the road lights and allow transfer of information between the drill and the cab’s Amatron 3 monitor.

The linkage drawbar very handily extends by up to 1.0m in five steps; this, along with its pivot placement, lets the 3003 Compact turn at more than 90° on the headland even behind a wide-tyred tractor. Also good news is a big drawbar-mounted toolbox. Although you need to swing this sideways to access the hopper’s front ladder, it’s not hard to do and there’s plenty of room for calibration tackle, spare cell wheels and the rest. Do remember to swing it back into place before setting off, though. Brakes (air or hydraulic) are standard kit and needed on a unit that can travel at 40km/hr while weighing in at 7t with a full hopper.

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