Looking for a well-built 6.0m precision drill that can work at up to 10km/hr and is easy to use? Then Amazone’s ED 6000-2C Super Profi Contour model could be the one for you

W hat they say isn’t exactly true: you can teach an old dog new tricks. Back in 2015 Amazone treated its long-serving ED precision drill range to the options of ISObus, individual row shut-off, electric fertiliser metering drive and hydraulic singling; so at a stroke matching it better to the needs of bigger scale farms and contractors.

Here we take a look at an ED 6000-2C, kitted out with Profi (no relation) hydraulic singling and Contour seeders. Able to work at widths from 5.4m to 6.4m, this folding eight-row model is the second biggest in a five-strong range.

The test unit’s spec included:

■ Amapad controller with GPS-Switch pro row shut-off, GPS-Maps pro and GPS-Track pro (£6,985)

■ Individual row control and tramline kit (standard with Super spec)

■ Intermediate press wheels (£275/row)

■ Fertiliser auger (£2,635) Adding these to the base price of £68,130 takes the total to £81,995.

The drill stores neatly on folding stands and has a 3.0m transport width. Its 3.14t empty weight rises to 4.84t when full, but close coupling meant a JD 6130R had no problem lifting it; the downside to this cosy relationship is that even skinny operators can’t easily squeeze in to latch the Cat II couplers and connect up the lights, ISObus line and four hoses, the latter serving the fan, metering system drive, folding and other functions. Once Amazone added a valve to allow good oil flow to the fan, the tractor’s 110-litre/ min pump maintained vacuum in the seeders, even at lower engine rpm during turns at the headland.

[Download the PDF to read in full]

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