Amazone power harrow/drill combinations: Now offered in five ranges to suit tractors developing 140 to 300hp, the Amazone rotary harrow/rotary cultivator range can also be specified with up to five different tine types, depending on the model selected, and then there is the choice of box gravity or pneumatic drill to consider. Go second-hand, and the options are even more complicated. James de Havilland reports

The history of Amazone power harrows and their related drills gives an excellent, sector-representative guide as to how this still popular combination configuration has evolved over the past 25 years.

In that time the company’s models, along with those of its rivals, have undergone a tremendous amount of change, a case in point being Amazone’s current AD-p Super pneumatic drill and KG 3000 Super rotary cultivator combination – more on the ‘cultivator’ name later.

With the drill being introduced in 2004 and the rotary cultivator in 2007, this heavy-duty 3.0m unit can be operated by a tractor of up to 300hp and run at speeds of up to 12km/ hr directly into stubble or on ploughed ground with a choice of tines to suit. At the lighter end of the scale is the AD303 Special mechanical/gravity ‘box’ drill and KE 3000 Special power harrow combination. Designed for mounting on a tractor in the 140hp power bracket, this 2009 and onwards 3.0m combo has a lighter lift requirement than the KG-based unit.

That said, this KE combination is considerably tougher than its earlier Amazone KE301 power harrow-based predecessors. And in between these two extremes there are plenty of other models.

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