Arguably the biggest hurdle facing buyers of a used sprayer has shifted from condition and the ability to do the job to ensuring you secure a machine with the right specification. Amazone mounted UF 1501 and UF 1801 sprayers became available in the UK from 2004, but the spec of the earliest machines will differ from a more recent model. So, what should you look for on your prospective unit?

A very broad outline first. The Amazone UF sprayers we look at here come with two tank sizes: a nominal 1,500 and 1,800 litres with a choice of boom widths that includes the popular 18m, 20m, 21m, 24m, 27m and 28m sizes. The booms all share the same basic design, but the manner in which section control and contour following are handled does vary. So, right from the start this is something a used buyer needs to consider. There are two other models in the UF sprayer series, incidentally — the lower capacity UF 901 and UF 1201.

Again the model number indicates nominal tank capacity. These are not specifically covered here but clearly the same used checks apply. As with the smaller UF 901, the UF 1201 can also be quite well, there is every chance you will struggle to spot the difference between a machine made over a decade ago and a more recent example, at least from a few paces back. The basics of these popular units haven’t altered that much, but detail developments have been incorporated to ensure that these models remain bang up to date.

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