Amazone now offers 30m booms for its UF mounted sprayers. Take the largest of these machines, the 1,800-litre UF 1801; then add a 1,000-litre front tank, and you end up with a tractor-mounted combination that boasts similar performance and weight to a mainstream ‘self-propelled’. What’s not to like?

Spraying conundrum. You’re looking for a high output machine with a large spray tank and a wide boom. You’ve contemplated a self-propelled, but are fortunate to have spare tractor capacity so would prefer not to invest in yet another power unit. Fair enough. All fingers point towards a trailed unit, then. Bob’s yer ‘unc’. Not quite. You have small fields and some steep-ish slopes, and, with this in mind, you’re not entirely convinced by a large trailed model’s suitability on grounds of its manoeuvrability and stability.

So, where now? Enter the mounted sprayer and, more particularly, the combination featured here — the Amazone UF 1801 and FT 1001. It’s some beast. The UF, complete with a 30m Super S2 boom, weighs in at about 1,300kg, while the front tank adds nearly 220kg.

Then there’s the contents to consider: the volume of the rear tank is rated at 1,800 litres and the front unit at 1,000 litres, so, when the clean water tanks are brimmed with 180 and 100 litres respectively, the full load tots up to 3.0t. Add the weight of the two tanks, the boom and other ancillary kit, and you end up at 4.5t, which shouldn’t be a problem for most mid-sized tractors — think MF 7700, Fendt 700, upper end John Deere 6Rs. These all have payloads in the region of 4.5t plus.

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