While the UK is still coming to terms with running 6,000-litre trailed sprayers, there are other parts of Europe where there’s demand for even more spraying capacity. This has prompted Amazone to develop the UX11200 model, complete with its colossal 12,000-litre spray tank. We take a closer look

N iche? Not a bit of it. There really are arable units around the globe that are operating trailed sprayers with tank capacities in excess of 10,000 litres. So, could it just be a matter of time before these giant sprayers hit our shores? Amazone seems to reckon so, and, to prove the point, has come up with the UX11200 — a 12,000-litre mammoth of an applications machine and a sizeable step up from its previous flagship, the 6,600-litre UX6200.

Moreover a UK demonstrator with a 40m boom is already on its way and, according to Amazone, at least one UK grower is thinking of signing up. It will come as no surprise to learn that such a big capacity increase is accompanied by some interesting developments down in the running gear department. Amazone has opted for hydraulic suspension on both axles, along with automatic self-levelling and an anti-roll stability control package from German firm BPW.

Wheelbase measures 2.15m, and it’s rated to carry 20t, with a further 3t placed on the drawbar. Max tyre diameter is 1.95m, so, with a 2.25m track width, this giant UX can be booted happily on 650/75 R38 rubber. German farmers are on the possible customer list for this size of sprayer, although if they want to tramp along at 40km/hr, the sprayer needs to be fitted with slightly slimmer 520/85 R42 tyres and its track width tucked in to 2.0m

On the subject of tyres, Amazone says it’s possible to use standard tractor rubber with a 159B load index, allowing the tank to be filled to the brim and still legally move on the road. Even when carrying 11,500 litres of UAN liquid fert, the rated load capacity isn’t exceeded. And despite its 7.8t kerb weight when carrying a 36m wide boom, the UX11200 still has a lower single axle load than the UX6200, which tips the scales at around the 4.5t kerb mark.

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