Driving impression: Amazone UX5200 trailed sprayer Sprayer obeys the laws of Sir Isaac Back in the spring of 2004, Amazone introduced its UX range of trailed sprayers complete with an entirely new profile and design. Main family features: Low centre of gravity, compact transport dimensions and a high level of available machine specification. We operate the flag 5,200-litre UX5200 model

Although relatively successful with mounted sprayers, it would be fair to say that Amazone has struggled to make a serious sales impact on the UK’s highly competitive ‘trailed’ market. Why? Lack of a concerted marketing effort? Maybe.

Far more importantly, though, the green sprayer product line has often seemed a little dated, almost as if the company’s designers were playing constant model configuration catch-up. Not anymore, though. Whatever else is levelled at the new UX trailed sprayers, they look the biz – modern, sleek and all rounded-off ‘edges’. Indeed there hardly seems to be a corner on the machine.

So, why the curves? Much more than a mere sop to machine fashion, of course, the streamline profile actually allows the tank to sit right down within the frame, keeping the important centre of gravity well down low and enabling the design to accommodate the company’s parallellinkage boom suspension system. The UX result is a pear-shaped appearance, with aspects of the shape, mean there is a reduced risk of surging and, as a result, no need to install internal baffles – so, in short, Amazone doesn’t. Main tank narrowing occurs at the rear of the UX, where the slim backend leaves sufficient space to slide the parallelogram linkage arms up either side.

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