Driving impression: Amazone ZA-M ultra 3600 profiS fertiliser spreader Welcome to Spin City Sold with a 3,600-litre capacity hopper and on-machine weigh system, the Amazone ZA-M ultra 3600 profiS is the flagship model within the firm’s mounted spreader line-up. Our brief ‘drive’ includes putting the ultra through what many would consider to be the benchmark test – applying urea out to 36m

What is it that fertiliser spreader buyers really want? As usual, it’s a mix – a blend of wide working width, accuracy of application, max hopper capacity, a modest machine weight and convenient calibration/control.

Not much, then, for the designers to sort. Amazone’s answer at the top end of its line is the ZA-M ultra 3600 profiS which, when specced with an extension, boasts an impressive carrying capacity of 3,600 litres.

Also important, the ultra payload measures 3.6t, so operators should be able to make max use of this significant available space, provided, of course, they have access to a tractor capable of safely lifting it. Height, too, could be an issue, because the overhead loading stat rises from 1.49m up to 1.63m with the hopper extension in place.

Progressing through that spreader wish list, setting up the ultra profiS model is a quick and simple task, courtesy of the onmachine weigh cell. Adjust the spreading vanes to the appropriate position, enter working width and target application rate into the Amatron terminal cab control – straightforward once familiar – and that’s about it in terms of set-up. Advantages of such automation are well established.

The weigh system determines the applied rate and compares it with the target rate, while the electronic shutter control ensures the allimportant target application rate per ha is maintained, irrespective of whether the tractor is travelling at 12km/hr or 20km/ hr. And, on top of this, the double shutter control ensures an accurate and positive fertiliser ‘on/off’ at the field headland.

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