If you like choice and the capability to spread different materials at high rates and widths,then one of Amazone’s ZA-V spreaders could be the way to go. Here we explore the ZA-V 2700 Profis Tronic, which the maker says can deliver material at up to 36m and 390kg/min.

The simplest thing to say about ZA-V spreaders is that they are mounted units with pto drive. After that it gets a bit complicated. For example, there are three different frame types, eight hopper capacities and three different cab displays. Oh, and the option of GPS-linked section control. For this test Amazone supplied a ZA-V with a 2,700l hopper (hence the model tag), which sits two steps down from the 4,500kg (max) capacity ZA-V 4200.

Without extensions and with a Cat II Super frame, the unit featured here has a capacity of 3,200kg; choose a Cat III Ultra frame and that rises to 4,500kg. Perhaps the safest place to start is with attachment to the tractor. Specify a wheel set and you’ll be able to roll the spreader up to it; the alternative is a simple skid plate.

Super and Ultra frames come with four very good fold-away castors, the rear two braked. Choose one of the headstock’s two lower link positions; then hook up the pto, electric power and ISObus lines. The only downer is that the pto guard gets a hard time as it needs to be squeezed in and out of its storage position. The hopper is 2.80m wide externally, has two big windows front and back and sports an external ladder plus an interior step on each side. Its tapered shape allows for virtually complete emptying — a help when switching material — and fold-up internal screens are standard.

Hopper contents can be monitored via a pair of optional sensors (£240). These can be set at three heights, and as supplied gave a reliable on-screen warning when about 50kg was left in each side of the hopper. Weather protection comes as standard from an effective manual cover, with hydraulic folding £480 more.

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