Amazone recently revised its ZG-TS largescale spreader, updating the hopper styling, weighing system and boosting capacity while at the same time adding a new steering system

Until recently, Amazone just had the one trailed spreader range, the long serving ZG-B. So, to catch up with its mounted spreader technology, it has introduced the 7501 and 10001 ZG-TS Profis Pro with respective capacities of 7,500 and 10,000 litres. Focus here is on the bigger of the two machines.

Starting at the front there is a choice of hitch options. The drawbar has plastic block dampers and there is also an optional on-board hydraulic system complete with oil pump and filter. There is no need for an oil tank or cooler as the system is only an auxiliary unit. It was devised for tractors which cannot supply 130l/min as required for peak loads.

The onboard pump works alongside a load-sensing circuit and provides a constant flow of 45l/ min when the pto is spinning at 1,000rpm. Whenever the TS spreader needs more, the load-sensing system on the tractor takes up the slack. A ladder is used to gain access to the platform at the front of the new wedge-shaped hopper. The steps move on a rail that is secured with a spring-loaded lever. From the platform it is another two steps to get into the hopper. There is even somewhere to store your shovel on the platform, which is a nice touch.

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