John Deere XUV 865R Gator: Cushy Gator pampers but at a price

John Deere claims its XUV 865R Gator is the most comfortable cross-over utility vehicle ever produced by the company. Powered by the same 23hp diesel engine as its established twin, the XUV 865M, the key difference is that the newcomer benefits from a ‘luxurious’ cab. But is it really a step up from a more typical diesel UTV comfort wise?

Let us start with that simple question. Is the XUV 865R the most comfortable Gator ever produced by John Deere? In a nutshell, yes, and here is why. For a start, the diesel engine’s noise and vibration is really well masked from the operator by the ‘automotive’ style cab. Although a ‘proper’ cab is offered on the less expensive XUV 865M, with the same wind down door windows and opening front screen as fitted to its more expensive sibling, the latter has upgrades such as a thick roof lining, covered ‘A’ pillars and soft fabric covered seats. This may not sound like a big deal, but it all adds up.