DRIVING IMPRESSION: Initially offered in the UK with a 14.9kWh lithium-ion battery that should deliver a nominal range of up to 45 miles, the all-electric Ranger XP Kinetic Premium boasts a 110hp electric motor that delivers a meaty 190Nm of torque. Sounds impressive, but what is it really like?

As the Kinetic rolled silently off its delivery trailer, the rain started. We were all the more grateful that all UK spec models will come with a full cab as standard. After a brief outline detailing how to charge the UTV and list a few electric model specific details we were all set to go. Except there were a few caveats.

Usually, a test vehicle handover is this straightforward but in this instance Polaris were keen to point out the test unit was the first to be released outside the Polaris network in the UK and that although it would represent what will be available to customers in 2024, the loan machine was one of the first to roll of the line from the Polaris factory in Ople, Poland.

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