John Deere C441R baler wrapper: Fused design

When John Deere introduced the 440 series in 2013 it was a major overhaul of its previous fixed-chamber machine. Now it has further refined the design with the 441 models, which include a completely new combi that has the McHale Fusion in its sights

by topliner

1 May 2020

We were suitably impressed with the F440R during our 10/2013 driving impression. Since then, and highlighting that there's always room for improvement, John Deere has updated its fixed-chamber baler range with the mid-spec 441M and professional F441R. Yet it is the combi machine, the C441R, which not only benefits from the baler updates but also a revised wrapping system, that has the most to shout about and, as a result, features as the subject of this driving impression.