Krone Big Pack square balers: Spec determines versatility

Krone unveiled its Big Pack ‘big balers’ back in 1993, its new generation models arriving in 2003. UK Big Pack sales gained momentum with the 'new' generation models launched in 2003, but really started to take off when Krone separated from then distribution partners Amazone in late 2009. Initially Krone UK concentrated upon aftersales support, a strengthened dealer network now seeing a good park of used models to choose from throughout the UK and Ireland

by James de Havilland

9 Mar 2022

We could have made life easier by simply selecting a single size of baler from the Krone Big Pack range. A good call would have been the 1270, these models producing, as the number suggests, a 120x70cm bale at lengths of between 1.0 to 2.70m. Although it was among the top Big Pack sellers over the past couple of decades, the 1270 is now being outsold by its ‘Bigger brother’, the 1290, which yes you guessed it, pumps out a larger 120x90cm bale that suits a growing number of ‘big bale’ users and customers.