McHale Orbital

Sometimes ideas just stare you in the face. Take the McHale Orbital wrapper for instance it is essentially the back end of a Fusion combination baler, with a rather clever loading mechanism. But actually it has a few more clever features up its sleeve.

by Mervyn Bailey

23 Sep 2020

If twin satellite wrappers have an Achilles heel it is the bouncing endured by the horizontal orbiting arms as the wrapper travels across rough fields which means the tension of the wrap can alter along with the position on the bale. Both of these problems are effectively overcome with a vertical orbiting wrapper, so it is a little wonder that McHale has adopted the wrapping unit from the Fusion to create the Orbital trailed machine.

Just like it’s predecesor the HS2000 it is offset using the drawbar and has a loading arm which swings open 90 deg when approaching the bale. Once the bale is in place the arm reaches around the base of the bale before lifting it clear of the ground.