There’s a vast area of maize grown in Germany to feed anaerobic digesters, which invariably means loads of mud dragged out on to public roads at harvest time. Not popular. To address the issue a number of manufacturers have launched transfer hoppers, including this self-powered version from Becklönne

German company Becklönne has been making field transfer systems for more than 10 years and in that time has built up a good deal of experience. The idea behind the system is to keep mud in the field and use more efficient haulage on the road. The Lademonster can be moved on the road at 40km/hr and attached to the tractor’s Cat III lower links.

Once on site it quickly changes to its working position. Unhitch it from the tractor, raise the elevator, unfold the hopper and the trailer ramps … and you’re good to go. The firm supplies a hood to go over the drawbar and protect the couplers, whereas the ramps are manually folded albeit supported by struts. There are two means of powering the elevator: either by tractor pto or, for an additional €36,280 you can spec a self-contained power pack with a 75hp Kubota engine. The demo unit we visited had this Kubota option.

The power pack is integrated into the rear frame in a sturdy housing to keep it protected. A remote control is used for operating the various functions. The engine compartment is also home to the hydraulic components. All of the pipes are tidily routed and well protected. The engine drives the hydraulic pump, which is capable of supplying 160l/min at 110 bar pressure. The fuel tank holds 150 litres.

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