In Greek, Omega refers to the end, but for Bednar this could well prove to be the beginning. We check out the Czech machinery maker’s Omega OO 6000L trailed cultivator drill in some soggy conditions

Bednar has been chipping away at the UK market for several years now, and its recent tie-up with the Case IH dealer network is sure to widen its shop window even further. One of the key machines on display will be the Omega OO 6000L cultivator drill, a 6.0m unit that can be tooled up with some interesting features. We didn’t get to see these in the best light, because, as soon as we snapped our first few photos, the heavens opened and refused to close. But we were still able to see some of this drill’s potential.

The 6000L is part of a bigger range, which stretches from 3.0m all the way up to 9.0m. Front tool for every job? So, down to the hardware and starting from the front, the Omega OO 6000L is pulled from the lower links with Cat III spacing for the crossbar, although other hitch options are offered. On the base spec machine, you will need a spool valve for each function; alternatively, individual spools can be used for multiple functions once selected on the terminal. An optional front three-section tyre packer was fitted to this particular machine.

This relies on 710mm diameter, 27×8.5-15 wheels — five on each side and four in the middle, each gang mounted on a single shaft. In the area in between, directly behind the tractor wheels, there are optional track eradicator tines with spring break-back protection. The depth of these tines is set using a pin and multi-hole arrangement. In front of the tyre packer you can have the £3,103 optional hydraulically adjustable paddle tines for levelling.

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