Using a chaser bin to keep high-output combines on song is commonplace, so why not apply the same thinking to other acre-eating kit such as sugar beet harvesters? Fair comment, reckoned Bergmann, which has come up with the RRW500 — a veritable beet hauling monster

B etter known for its muck spreaders and forage wagons, Bergmann also produces big chaser bins for grain. So what next? A beet chaser, it would seem. The German company’s latest creation is the RRW500 sugar beet chaser trailer, which taps into its expertise in building demount units. Under the 50m3 hopper are the same three axles, plus a slightly modified chassis, that are employed on the HTW65 silage trailer.

Each axle is suspended on two parabolic springs at the front and a pair of hydraulic rams at the rear, the latter delivering up to 300mm of travel. With an all-up maximum loaded weight of 52t, the RRW500 uses a Mobil Elektronik sourced electro-hydraulic forced steering system on all three ADR axles to enable the trailer to crab steer in the field. Our machine was shod with 710/50 R26.5 Michelin Cargo rubber, though R30.5 tyres appear on the options list along with an on-board tyre pressure system.

Bergmann says tongue load on the K80 ball and spoon hitch is 4t, with rubber block suspension standard and hydro-pneumatic optional. We didn’t miss the latter, though. There’s a 1,000rpm pto shaft for the 160- litre/min hydraulic pump to power the chain and slat floor and the elevator. The resulting unloading rate can be controlled by altering the pto speed, with a full load emptied in about 60secs. Parking stand and hydraulic suspension are powered directly from the tractor’s hydraulics.

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