The latest version of Big Bale Co (South)’s Transtacker automates the collection and unloading process and has also cut cycle times. We take a look at it in the field and get a preview of another new development from the baling specialists

Straw endures as a valuable commodity but getting bales off the land economically and with minimal impact on the ground is key to maximising its value for farmer, contractor and merchant alike. There are a number of collection and transport systems on the market and baling specialist Big Bale Co (South) has continued to develop its range since purchasing the design for the Walton bale chaser in 2009, branding it the Transtacker.

The latest version, launched at LAMMA in 2018, was developed with grant funding and research support from Harper Adams University to meet with the needs of controlled traffic farming, looking to take bale collection another step further away from running around the field with telehandler to load a bale trailer.

Better automation

Developments have also fully automated the sequence, making it a ‘one touch’ operation if so desired, once the size and number of bales and the required ties are entered in the control box. Bale pick up height is adjusted for different bale sizes by taking out the mechanical stops, raising/ lowering the pick up on the hydraulics to the required height and putting the stops back in, and once set, bale size is selected on the monitor. The Transtacker 4100 now comes complete with a nudge bar which is fitted to the front linkage of the tractor, moving the bale across from the wheelings to the colleting arm. The tractor and Transtacker stay in the wheelings, sticking to established traffic ways in the CTF system.

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