It is all too easy to assume that the only forklifts applicable to farming have to be suitable for use off hard surfaces. But an industrial forklift can be an ideal alternative to an agricultural RTFL when confined to yard work. Used units sourced from industrial outlets also have a key attraction – low prices. But before you start looking, think long and hard about what you want the lift truck to do and make sure any machine you choose is low enough to fit all your buildings

A fork lift truck is purpose-built to safely handle heavy loads. It is also designed to handle these loads at stacking heights, an obvious point but one that is easily overlooked. Many farmers and contractors have appreciated an industrial fork lift’s ability round the yard for years and cannot imagine run of materials handler that they appreciated the versatility of this type of machine. A used industrial fork lift may not be as versatile as a purpose-built farm orientated telehandler or RTFL, but it will still make itself incredibly useful for stacking potato boxes, pallets, handling big bags and unloading lorries. Some designs will also be suitable for use with a bucket or other attachments.

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