The problem with second-hand loaders is they are often offered with a tractor attached. This is a costly solution but it is certainly safer than buying a solitary loader at a farm sale only to find it fits your make of tractor but not actually your model. Used fore-loaders may be low cost but they need careful consideration

The most important point when buying a used loader is to make sure the model you are after will fit your tractor. This may be pretty obvious but can be overlooked if the right type of loader comes available at an attractive price. It is difficult to suggest prices for second-hand loaders because they vary so much in make, quality and condition. As a very rough guide, old single ram types (more than ten years) old fetch about £400 to £500 maximum.

The twin ram loaders, about 1.5t capacity, are in demand and in reasonable condition can cost between £1,000 and £2,000, again depending on age and condition. Parallel lift versions are so sought after and command such high prices that buyers should compare the used cost with buying new very carefully. The first item to check is the tractor mounting brackets. These must not only be for your model of tractor but also for its production year. A cab change can make a loader bracket for a tractor made in 1994 totally wrong for one produced in 1995, for example.

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