For some businesses, the purchase of a used tractor may make more sense than buying a brand new one. profi looks at the various tractor componentry, and offers tips on how to avoid picking a second-hand pup

Value-for-money is the decisive factor in any second-hand tractor purchase. Was it a good buy? Or has somebody pulled a fast one? Although there are clearly no guarantees, to obtain this allimportant value for money it’s best to visit a number of dealers or study the classified ads in the agricultural magazines over a period of time.

Armed with this knowledge, a buyer can then make up his mind whether a tractor’s condition and specification justify the asking price.

Here profi gives its tips on how to go about assessing the ‘value’ of a second-hand tractor: At the beginning of the inspection, start the engine so that it heats up to working temperature. A freshly polished tractor will soon reveal its true colours within a few minutes of being fired up – when the oil is warm and thin-bodied, and starts to leak from the hydraulic system engine or transmission.

To spot anything less than a veritable downpour, drive the tractor to a place of level and paved ground and where there is sufficient light for a thorough leak inspection.

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