Bergmann is no stranger to the combi forage wagon market, with its Shuttle series on the go now for over a decade. Last season the range benefitted from a number of updates such as a pivoting front headboard and new rotor gearbox. We tested the new model

T he Shuttle is Bergmann’s largest wagon range spanning 45.5-51.0m³. Our 35m³ test machine, however, is a bit of a hybrid, mating the Shuttle’s 53- knife business end with a Carex body and running gear, as our host contractor wanted the shortest chop length possible. The end result is a special-build 38.0m³ Shuttle 410S. So, down to business.

First up for assessment is the Shuttle’s chopping system. Key stats are the 53 knives spaced at a narrow 34mm and the 850mm rotor equipped with 15mm wide fingers. It is a combination that works well and produces a top-notch job. With the chain-and-slat floor now sloping 270mm at the front, the engineers have been able to Bergmann Shuttle 410S combi forage wagon: move the rotor closer to the pick-up, a change in design that improves crop flow from the pick-up to the rotor, thus reducing the risk of squeezing wet material.

But the shorter chop length does increase the possibility of material being pummelled into mint sauce. As an aside, Bergmann does not offer an automated knife sharpening option.

In charge of getting the crop off the ground is a cam track controlled pick-up, which has a small orbit. The 5mm thick tines did a good job of clearing the grass. The pick-up is now hydraulically powered, and you can set the speed via the terminal.

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