DRIVING IMPRESSION: The Evion is now the smallest combine range from Claas, replacing both the Avero and what were the smaller Tucano 300 models. It surprises with plenty of technology already employed in the Trion and Lexion, and the fact it is being shipped from the firm’s factory in Gaomi in China. Here is our report.

In 2019, Claas began to rearrange its full combine line-up by launching the new Lexion (profi Harvest Special 2019) and two years later by introducing the Trion
(profi Harvest Special 2021). The Evion 410 and 430 are the final part of the re-jig and become the new starting point for the Claas harvester range in Europe. You may stumble across an Evion 450, but this is not being shipped to the UK or Ireland.

We already knew that the smaller Tucano models had been axed, but now so too has the Avero. To fill the void, this is where the Evion comes in — a combine range sprinkled with some of the technology from the Lexion and Trion in order to attract the small- and medium-sized farms to stick with or even join the Claas stable.

Single drum threshing unit …

The Evions also adopt the modular concept set out by the Lexion and Trion — in other words, the inner grain separating bits are the same on both models. This includes the five straw walkers and 1.42m wide threshing channel. But the newcomer does break away from one familiar Claas tradition: there’s no accelerator drum in amongst the main 60cm diameter drum and accompanying impeller combination.

This clearly sets Evion apart from the five and six-walker Trion with the APS threshing system, but according to Claas the Evion can still offer a 0.95m² threshing concave area. Unfortunately, the rain kiboshed our chance to test the combine, although we reckon that we shouldn’t underestimate the performance potential of the machine — at least not when the straw is properly fit.

Just like the bigger harvesters, Evion’s drum speed can be adjusted from the terminal, from 480rpm to 1,150rpm. The spacing of the multi-crop threshing concave is adjusted hydraulically, also from the cab. And there is an integrated break-back system by means of a pressure diaphragm accumulator.

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