Three years on from the big Lexion range overhaul, there’s now a fresh round of updates, including a new cab, an extra model in the 8000 series and a return of the Montana chassis-levelling system. Having had a brief look at the changes in the October issue, here we dive into the detail.

From our Trion driving impression (profi Harvest Special 2021) we know the cab that now also sits on the Lexion is more spacious, sports narrower pillars and gains extra storage. There are also new seating options: not with a massage function, but with ventilation and a 30° swivel angle.

Steering wheel stays, LaserPilot goes

We can argue about the merits of not having a steering column, especially since the seat behind it is still slightly offset to the right. But joystick controlled steering is not on the Claas engineer’s agenda right now. However, there is dynamic steering, so spinning the wheel two-thirds is sufficient for achieving full steering lock.

On the subject of Lexion steering, the optional FieldScanner returns to the roof with its own wiper and automatic detection of the uncut crop edge, which is reckoned to eliminate the need for switching to the right or left side of the header. This will replace the longstanding Laser Pilot on all non-hillsider models, but
remains on the new Montana Lexion 5500 (walker) and 7700 (hybrid).

Another advantage of using FieldScanner is the option of adding CEMOS Auto Header. Here the system detects the crop height and automatically controls the reel’s height and horizontal position. At the same time, the knife can be automatically moved forward and back on Vario cutter bars.

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