John Deere X9 1100 output under test

John Deere claims its new X9 flagship harvester can clear a staggering 100t/hr. During summer 2020 the firm looked to verify the combine’s performance in winter wheat, and we travelled to the east German host farm to witness the mammoth machine in action

by Hubert Wilmer

25 Nov 2020

If you've ever operated a combine, you'll be well aware of how many factors can influence its performance. Which is why John Deere asked profi to come to an estate near the Baltic Sea on August 8th to document the throughput, grain quality and losses of its new X9 1100 rotary combine as well as a T670i six-walker machine. And when Deere staff said ‘a long day’ they weren't joking; they meant the full 24 hours, as long as Mother Nature played ball.

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