In-line combining: Rethinking combines

Machine designer Georg Bauer has been brainstorming on the look of the next generation of high-performance combines, using components that are already on the shelf. Here's how the Maximus project could boost harvesting potential

by Wilfred Holtmann

25 Sep 2020

After studying all current combine harvester designs, Georg Bauer put his thinking cap on to come up with the Maximus, a future combine concept that uses off-the-shelf components (except for the 18m header). It's just waiting for a manufacturer brave enough to take it from the drawing board to the field. Georg is unable to embark on a project of this scale, one reason being his age — he was 91 in June. However, by designing this new model, he wants to give manufacturers a nudge and show that it is indeed possible to generate maximum output performance, remain within transport width limitations and have a good weight distribution.