DRIVING IMPRESSION: At the upcoming Agritechnica, Amazone will launch the first Precea model that suits large-scale fields. We operated the precision drill exclusively for our readers and discovered numerous innovations.

One new feature, for example, is the central seed supply which combines the benefits of the early EDX precision drills without compromising on the distribution along rows. The new design is referred to as Central Seed Supply, which is becoming a standard feature on the large-scale drills. According to Amazone, the new central metering system should work for all crops from sugar beet and sunflowers to maize and field beans.

The Precea 12000-TCC tested is built to a new modular system. Our machine was a 12m prototype with a row width of 50cm; the model is also available with a 9m coulter bank. The length of the front end alongside which the seeder wings fold into transport position varies by model. It seemed to us that Amazone had planned generously to provide some extra space for larger working widths in the future. Yet, they didn’t want to reveal anything.

The flagship is be coupled to a K80 ball, a hitch ring or the lower links (Cat. III or 4N). An ISObus connection is standard. As for the oil supply, buyers can choose to operate the machine functions from the tractor spools or a separate pto pump should the tractor pump lack in capacity.

If the tractor is in charge of the oil supply, it must have a d/a spool of at least 90l/min for the standard spec. comfort hydraulics. This will control five functions. Two separate blowers also have a constant oil requirement. One requires a flow of up to 50l/min for the seed singling system which operates on overpressure; the other requires about 70l/min for fertiliser transport and seed metering. One s/a spool with pressureless return flow is required for each. Another s/a spool operates the stand

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