Horsch Maestro RX precision drill: New Maestro shoots seeds

Horsch launched a fresh seed-singling system at Agritechnica. Based on pressurised air, it sets out to deliver faster working speeds and is at the core of the company’s new CX and RX precision drills

by topliner

23 Apr 2020

For the past decade or so, Horsch has taken a vacuum-based approach to seed singling in its Maestro precision drills. But time moves on, farms want to work faster and a whole new high-speed market segment has evolved. Horsch’s response is the CX and RX series. Marked out by the ‘X’ suffix, AirSpeed metering and the prospect of working at up to 16km/hr, these machines will be available during 2021. From then, vacuum and pressure singling technologies will continue side by side in the company’s line-up. The logic is that both have their advantages, their drawbacks and place.