DRIVING IMPRESSION: Following on from the Pronto DC, Horsch has developed a new 6.0m power harrow drill combination. The name Versa is different, and there have been some technical changes, too — especially in the chassis department. Here’s our exclusive driving
report ahead of the combi’s launch later this year.

Going forward, all of Horsch’s power harrow drills will fall under the Versa banner, regardless of whether they feature a gravity- or pneumatic-fed metering system.

Just a name change, then? Nope. Far from it. The Versa 6SW, in effect, replaces the Pronto 6KE, which, due to its excessive hitch load, had been pulled from certain markets. So, more of the main challenges for the design team was to solve the weight issue while increasing
seed tank capacity, as well as adding a split hopper option, all while retaining the rear tyre packer ahead of the power harrow. Not exactly the simplest of tasks for the firm’s designers.

Pronto feeling
At first glance the Versa 6SW does have a Pronto feel to it — the seed hopper, metering system, seed delivery and distribution are all taken from the Pronto 6DC. You may recall we had a close look at the 6DC with the PPF (precise placement of fertiliser) system in our 11/2021 issue driving impression, so we’ll just summarise some of the key points here:
● The seed hopper is available as a single tank with 4,000 litres and one metering unit, or as a pressure-tight split hopper with 5,000 litres and two metering units. The twin tank is split 60:40, and both the products (seed, fertiliser, or whatever else
you want to plant) are sown by the seed coulters (Single Shot).

● The hopper can be accessed conveniently from the side. Robust, swing-open mesh screens are fitted near the top.

● Calibration is made easier by so-called cassettes: these are inserts that direct the metered material into the correct seed
tubes and ultimately down to the ground.

● The fan drive is equipped with a pressure relief valve and a leak oil line — to protect
the hydraulic motor from damage.

● Two seed distributors with mechanical half-width shut-off, which are also suitable for drilling spelt, are standard. The larger, split hopper, two metering units and electric half-width shut-off are optional.

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