John Deere 750A seed drills: Green drill does little to disturb

For approaching a quarter century, John Deere 750A drills have been on the market, their ability to work directly into stubble, lightly tilled and fully cultivated land conferring on them the versatility that suits both farm and contractor operators. Deere has made little fanfare about these drills, however, which may lead those unfamiliar with the design to just assume they are much the same now as they were when launched. But there have been a series of key developments over the years, with the most important relating to the seeding units.

23 Sep 2019

John Deere has offered its 750A No-Till/All-Till seed drill in much the same basic format since the mid- 1990s, but that's not to say these 3.0m, 4.0m and 6.0m units have stayed the same. The company has refined and tweaked the design to improve versatility across a range of drilling regimes and soil types. As such, these well-proven machines continue to be in big demand on the second-hand market