Kverneland Accord TS Tine Seeder and TS Evo tine drills: Truly simple drills

Originally launched in 2002, Kverneland Accord TS Tine Seeder and, from around 2009, successor TS Evo tine drills have sold in large numbers in the UK. Versatile and inexpensive to run, there will typically be plenty of models to choose from on the used market too. So how do you go about selecting the right pre-owned TS for your needs?

18 May 2018

The merits of a simple tine drill are well established and a key reason why TS (Tine Seeder) and TS Evo drills have sold so strongly. There is little to go wrong with these versatile units and, if something does    need attention, it can typically be fixed in even the most basic of farm workshops. If there is a potential problem area it is to know what you want from a used..........[To read more, see the instructions on this page]