Lemken Zirkon 12/600 KA and Solitair 25/600 KA power harrow drill: Versatile one-pass

An even emerging crop has long been a trait of Lemken’s Solitair drills, and, despite being pretty much new from the ground up, the Solitair 25 continues this trend. However, that's not to say this seeder is perfect, as our test report indicates

by Jan-Martins Küper and Mervyn Bailey

6 Aug 2021

Lemken first unveiled the Solitair 25 at Agritechnica 2015. It took over from the wider working Solitair 9 pneumatic drill, which could be mated with a number of the firm’s trailed cultivators. But the change to the 25 was a lot more involved than a mere tweak of the previous design, as we discovered in our earlier driving impression in the 09/2015 magazine.