Mzuri Pro-Til strip-till drills: A decade of Pro-Til evolution

Mzuri launched its first Pro-Til drill in 2011, first as a 3.0m mounted model that was subsequently 3.0m and 4.0m trailed variants arriving in 2012. A decade on, and the Pro-Til range now includes trailed units of up to 6.0m, variable row spacing Select models and the option to add Xzact seed singulation metering. But all of these drills stick to the original design concept, the earliest examples doing pretty much the same job as current models

by James de Havilland

3 Aug 2021

The Mzuri Pro-Til drill with its strip-till sowing system has not changed from its original concept. In a nutshell, staggered auto reset leading tines open up the soil and clear it of surface trash while at the same time placing fertiliser in the row. Cleated tyres follow to carry the weight of the drill, the ensuing seed coulters then sowing into the previously loosened, and the optionally fertilised, soil. Semi-pneumatic wheels control the depth of each individual seed coulter and firm the soil over the seed. A set of hydraulically controlled tine harrows then level off the seedbed, although not all drills will have these.